Activity|Member Only - Enjoy Tasty Food

31 December 2020 - 31 March 2021

Member Only|Enjoy Tasty Food

Activity time:2021.1.1-2021.3.31 (Blackout date:2021.2.10 – 2021.2.16)
Suitable:All Members
Activity method:Guests who spent at any restaurant of CHM at the amount of NT$1000 will receive a coupon of NT$100, NT$2,000 will receive two coupons of NT$100.
Voucher Terms:
AMAZZING CLUB Event | NT$100 Meal Coupon
1. The coupon is valid for 3 months from the date of redemption.
2. The meal coupon is a NT$100 reduction on restaurant of Cathay Hospitality Management (CHM), limited to utilized per bill for one time.
3. The coupon applies only to restaurant of CHM. (GUSTOSO、URBAN331、Cozzi Kitchen、Cozzi THE Roof、Cozzi Market、Yi Hui Xuan、Blu Bar、THE Lounge)
4. Blackout date is 2021/2/10-2/16, 2021/2/27-3/1, 2021/4/2-4/5, 2021/6/12-14.
5. The voucher cannot be resold, exchanged for cash nor does it entitle to cash-back [on purchases of a value smaller than the voucher’s value]. No additional voucher will be offered if the voucher expires or is lost or damaged.  
6. The notes to the voucher are subject to change as announced by the hotel. The voucher cannot be used in combination with any other discount.
7. AMAZZING CLUB notice:
-The voucher is not applicable to purchases with AMAZZING CLUB personal incentive points.
-In the event that AMAZZING CLUB members redeem all or part of their incentive points to settle a cash transaction or redeem products, and such transaction is canceled, due to human factors or force majeure, without compensation or only with partial compensation, and the booking and payment are cancelled and refunded immediately or thereafter, CHM and AMAZZING CLUB retain the right to cancel the incentive points with respect to the part of trading in cash, and the incentive points for the recorded trading of commodities, in whole or in part. The transaction cannot be altered and incentive points will not be refundable. CHM and AMAZZING CLUB shall not bear any liability, obligation, indemnity or damages there for.
8. CHM and AMAZZING CLUB reserve the right to change any content of the campaign without notice.

1. "AMAZZING CLUB Event | NT$100 Meal Coupon" will be sent to member account with 7 days after checkout. This coupon is valid for 3 months and only be used for “dining”.
2. For more information, please contact the representative at any time.
3. AMAZZING CLUB reserve the right to change any content of the campaign without notice.