Announcement|Expiry Date Extension Plan

31 January 2022 - 31 December 2022

In this difficult moment, we are together.
Cathay Hospitality Management cares for the health and safety of passengers and employees, and as the COVID-19 continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure your travel safety and provide maximum flexibility as the situation.

Membership / Point / Voucher

January,2022 release Expiry Date Extension Plan January,2022 release Expiry Date January,2022 release Expiry Date Extension
Membership(Honor、Master) 31 January, 2022 to 30 April, 2022 31 May,2022
Renew Expiry Date Extension Plan Renew Expiry Date Renew Expiry Date Extension
Membership(Honor、Master) 31 January, 2022 to 30 November, 2022 31 December,2022
Paid Voucher
*Not Applicable For Unpaid Voucher (e.g. AMAZZING CLUB birthday gift.)
*Paid Voucher (use point redeem voucher.)

The above membership and point extension conditions apply to all AMAZZING CLUB members and are subject to the Membership Terms(TNCS).
We continue to offer warm and reassuring service to our passengers at this difficult time. No matter when you travel and stay, Cathay Hospitality Management partners will look forward to your visit.


A :  沒有。展延條件僅限於未使用且
2022/01/31 至 2022/11/30 期間之到期點數、電子票券、會籍。所有會員仍需遵循會


A : 不行。展延條件僅限於未使用且2022/01/31至2022/11/30期間之到期有償電子票券。